The Zika Response Working Group is a coalition of researchers, academics, industry leaders and companies.  

We all have one goal.  Halt Zika!  

if it can't be halted, we need to find and develop DIAGNOSTICS, Devices, anti-virals, vaccines and to build a better understanding of the virus and the epidemiology of the virus, so that the Zika Virus progression and disease can be reduced.

“When responding to an infectious disease outbreak,
you must ride towards the sound of the guns”

— Dr. J Bruce McClain, MD Former Chief of the Department of Clinical Trials at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Former Chief of Infectious Diseases at Walter Reed

What We've Achieved

  • We have written a comprehensive meta analysis of Zika and available medical countermeasure options that has helped guide government officials, clinicians and front line public health workers as they are responding to the virus outbreak.
  • We have written an extensive review paper on Zika that has helped guide scientists about the virus.  Soon to be published in PLoS NTD.
  • We have performed epitope mapping and computational biology analyses, showing the evolution of the virus - which will lead to a better vaccine and a better understanding of how the disease is causing damage to fetuses, as well as the mechanisms of action of GBS.
  • Members of our team have extensively consulted with government officials on how to control the pandemic.
  • Members of our team have consulting with WHO, and foreign public health officials on how to control the pandemic.
  • Members of our team are working in South America on GBS.
  • We have discovered possible anti-viral drugs that are safe for pregnant women.  Members of our team have designed clinical trials, and are in the process of procuring funding and building partners in Latin America to move forward with clinical trials!