The Zika Response Working Group, under the organization of the Infectious Outbreak Response Group (iOrg) is working all hours to help in this crisis.  Most of our members are doing this important work pro bono.   

The government has supplied no grant or contract monies to our members or this organization for working on Zika.  For some of us, we have been working since mid-December, 2015 on the Zika Virus without any remuneration.   For others, their companies or employees are generously allowing them some time to work on this very important project.

Publication costs (publishing in a peer reviewed journal costs around $3,000.00 per article), travel costs, supplies, laboratory reagents, etc are being mostly absorbed -by the members of the Zika Response Working Group. 

Currently, the status of the Infectious Outbreak Response Group (iOrg) is that it has been incorporated as a non-stock Virginia organization and non-profit status has been applied for.  

Our work is important but we need help. We are looking for volunteers, interns and scientific advisors.  People who know the science or can help in some way. 

If you wish to see our work continue uninterrupted, please consider making a gift to this organization.  The money will be spent appropriately and on material costs.  At this time, it will not be tax exempt (we are working on that) but it will make a difference!


Your donation allows us to connect people and create partnerships around the world. We are working with our partners, seeking the most constructive solutions.  Initial donations will help us buy reagents necessary for conducting work on screening new drug compounds for use in at-risk pregnant women.


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