World Health Organization meeting will include our own Robert W Malone, MD, MS

The World Health Organization has asked Dr. Robert Malone to come to Geneva for three days next week -March 7-9 for the first meeting about research and development about Zika. The WHO is paying all expenses for this trip.
His recent discoveries about classes of anti-viral drugs to fight Zika, as well as our work to design clinical trials to test them rapidly (to be deployed within months), have the potential to make a huge difference in the world. Last night, he connected some dots, which will change a lot of the science and understanding of Zika. Talk about a tunnel though - most of the team doesn't sleep much these days.  We work, we discuss, we research, we write, we communicate. We of course, are mostly doing this pro bono -so the money situation is dicey.  We are hopeful that will improve soon.
We still need help though.  Donations, of course (we have yet to receive a single dime).  But we could sure use a lawyer to help get the pending non-profit iORG through the process of approved non-profit status.

Also, so proud also of my dear friend Steffi Hone, who is here working her butt off with us. She is brilliant and amazing. Like us, her work is pretty much pro bono at this point.

Jill Malone